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For all most 60 years Kirit Industries pump has been the leader in providing rugged, simple, cost effective pumping solution to meet the needs of the tank truck industry. The most iconic Kirit Industries yellow truck mounted pumps various models are installed all over the world. K.I Pto driven tanker truck pumps are designed for compact spaces. K.I pumps are able to handle thick, thin, abrasive or corrosive liquids without any hesitation. Our tank truck pumps are so well designed that even for the maintenance there is no need for special engineers, truck driver can change parts and it can be ready to take the load.

Take a stroll in any lane of Ahmedabad or any city in India. Apart from the hustle-bustle and constant clamour, one thing you will surely notice is construction. India is a developing nation, and we are witnessing rapid industrial development and technological growth. As a construction company or project manager, would you want to delay or over-stretch the stimulated timeline for your construction project deliverables in such a booming scenario? We are sure your response would be a definite no!

With evolving times, one must adapt and incorporate efficient and quality mechanisms and tools to enhance the work. You cannot stick to using a wheelbarrow while transferring or pouring the thick concrete mixes. Thanks to innovation and cutting-edge technological solutions, you can now bring accuracy and finesse to your projects, leading to faster project completion and client satisfaction. How? - With the help of Kirit Industries’ top-notch truck mounted pumps.

You must be wondering if you have been skilfully building projects without using a pump on your tank trucks for all these years, then you can continue to do so without them, even today. Probably not; this is because the construction industry is fast-paced in India. Thus, you need the best machinery and equipment in your arsenal. Whether you are working on a large-scale or small-scale project, efficiency and reliability are at stake in the business. If you want to cut off on cost overruns and setbacks, mounted pumps can come in handy.

A truck mounted line pump also known as truck mounted transfer pump is a tool or piece of machinery that swiftly enables transferring of concrete from one place to another location on the construction site, making the application process easy and expeditious.

Benefits of Using Truck Mounted Transfer Pumps

1. Speed: Speed is the most crucial element for any construction project, which is offered by truck mounted pumps over the manual process of pouring concrete. The conventional concrete transfer method involves moving concrete buckets or wheelbarrows around and then manually applying them. On the other hand, a concrete pump speeds up the process 5X by providing a steady and consistent supply of concrete, making the process simple, clean and fast.

2.Efficiency: Isn’t it considered normal to have concrete slumps lying around on a construction site? Well, you can now avoid this situation and work in a hazard-free and safe project site. Truck-mounted transfer pumps allow you to enjoy accuracy and efficiency in concrete transfer and placement. These pumps have become a superior choice today, as they avoid spills, delays, and wastage and deliver quality work.

3.Reduced Labour Force: There is no doubt in the fact that every construction site requires skilled and experienced labourers. Not only is it a challenging task to find qualified workers, but their fees could also increase your project budget. Thus, installing a concrete transfer pump makes complete sense as it executes the entire process of concrete transfer and eliminates the requirement for hiring labourers to transfer concrete batches manually. Investing in one pump saves your labour cost for many projects.

4.Cost-Effective: Besides saving labour costs, one pump can reduce dependency on other equipment or machinery by lowering your overall project cost. It completes the transfer in nearly half the time and eventually reduces your project budget and timeline.

5.Flexibility: A truck mounted line pump offer excellent flexibility and functionality while transferring and applying concrete. It can reach the most compact and narrow spaces efficiently. In short, a truck mounted pump can access and pump at areas a worker's hand may not.

Join Hands with Kirit Industries for a Quality Supply of Truck Mounted Pumps

At Kirit Industries, we bring 60 years of expertise, industry know-how and safe and innovative technology to all our customers. You can rely on us for our truck mounted pumps as they are cost-effective, rugged and quality-tested. We are sure you will never have any complaints with this product and enjoy a seamless and satisfactory pumping process.

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