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Known for manufacturing high-quality and reliable Rotary Gear Pumps, Kirit Industries is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Along with Rotary Gear Pumps, we offer Molasses transfer gear pumps. These are designed in such an efficient way that it gives the best results. With excellent customer service and complete client satisfaction, Kirit Industries provides top-quality products & services.

Using the finest quality raw materials, these pumps are manufactured in Ahmedabad and supplied to different places all over the world. We are a renowned supplier of Molasses transfer pump in India & Overseas.

Molasses pumps are very high-demanding products among all gear pumps. Molasses is a fluid that remains after sugarcane is processed and refined; this excess fluid is sticky, thick, or pulpy. Molasses pumps are used to transfer such fluids easily from one location to another. The pump is highly efficient enough to ensure a smooth flow rate involving a good amount of supply. This molasses gear pump is cost-effective & a reliable source for transferring viscous liquids.

Generally, molasses pumps are known as rotary gear pumps and have the same properties while getting manufactured. But when a high-viscosity molasses gear pump is used, it gives better results and is advantageous for the customer as well. Here are a few more advantages of installing a high-viscosity gear pump:

  • There is more stability & less vibration during the process.
  • The liquid can be reversed to increase the performance of the pump.
  • With its low RPM rate, the maintenance cost is also reduced.
  • The smooth flow throughout the process gives less pulsation & pressure.
  • The pump can be used for pumping diluted solutions like resin, asphalt, and polymer.

Molasses pumps are widely used in petroleum, food, soap, detergent, and other such industries. Low-maintenance & lightweight products work the best and can give the best results in no time.

However, you can now quit difficult methods of pumping several materials and try out our new molasses transfer pumps with high viscosity & low RPM.

We at Kirit Industries believe to deliver fine quality products on time and perform our duties well. Our long list of loyal customers supports us to move forward and achieve newer heights in this field.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are molasses gear pumps & rotary gear pumps the same?

Yes, both the gear pumps have similar characteristics & perform the same functions.

2.How to order gear pumps from Kirit Industries?

Simply get in touch with us via our website & contact on the information given.

3.What is Molasses?

It is the super thick & pulpy residue left after processing sugarcane.

4.How can molasses pump be of use?

A molasses pump is used to transfer viscous liquid from one container to another and is widely used in petroleum sector, detergents, soaps.