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H Series Rotary Gear Pump

H Series Rotary Gear Pump is a Positive displacement, self-priming, foot mounting type H series gear pump. Model "K.I. H Series Rotary gear pump" has a straightforward two-piece cast iron construction with a single helical modified profile carton steel gear shrink fitted on an alloy steel shaft that has been hardened and ground finished. The gear is firmly supported by 4 nos. of self-lubricating bronze bush bearings, which ensure smooth operation. By shifting the position of the inlet-outlet ports, these pumps can be operated either way. Simply shifting the relief valve's position will reverse the relief valve's operations.

What is the H Series gear pump designed for?

The "K.I" Rotary Gear Pumps were created with high- and low-viscous liquids in mind. The Pump's body, covers, big cavity gears, and MS shaft are made of close-grained cast iron. The pump consists of two gears with huge cavities and carefully cut tooth profiles that can easily pump a variety of highly viscous liquids. These gear pumps have no trouble handling liquids such as wax, soap, tar, bitumen, and asphalt.

Get Best in Class H Series Rotary Gear Pump

K.I's tireless efforts and commitment to maintaining quality are to blame for the items' use steadily rising each year. The fact that a significant number of our clientele are repeat clients says a lot about how excellent this service has been. Many of these recurring orders come to us voluntarily from customers who have tried our product and are certain that they will complete the tasks for which it is advised.

Applications of H series gear pump

Transferring of Bitumen, Molasses, and loading, unloading Molasses, Plant-Based Oils Chemicals, other viscous oils, Colours and paints, tallow and grease, Soaps, Acids, Starch, Glue, Honey, Chocolate, Silicate of Soda, and Glycerine Alcohol, Asphalt, Ammonia, Condiments, bleach, and boiler compounds, Dairy products, distillates, hazardous liquids, dyes, extracts, cutting and cleaning agents the foodstuffs, Plants for combining fruit juices, gasoline, kerosene, printers' ink spray mixes, tomatoes, peas, corn, and squash pulps, Vaseline, slurry waste, etc. Sugar mills and glue factories, bitumen sprayers, and road paver machines.

Characteristics of H Series Rotary Gear Pump

H Series Gear Pumps are the most adaptable rotary positive displacement pumps, outperforming other types of pumps. As a result, they are used for the broadest range of applications, including loading and unloading, transfer, fuel pressurizing, hydraulic, lubrication in IC engines, polymer metering applications, and more. By tightening the operating clearances and increasing the craftsmanship, gear pumps may create high pressure in the same design, but screw pumps require longer threads, making them bulky and challenging to construct.

H Series Rotary Gear Pump is efficient since each tooth gap adds to the capacity, whereas just one pitch length does so for screw pumps. However, some liquid always passes to suction due to running clearance between the casing & impeller creating a slip, which relies on the differential pressure, the viscosity of the liquid, and workmanship. The pump's capacity varies directly with speed but remains constant against pressure. Gear pumps can handle liquids of any viscosity; as viscosity increases, frictional power increases, while slipping decreases. Despite the pump's ability to self-prime, some net positive suction head is always necessary to prevent cavitation; this again relies on the liquid's viscosity and the pumping speed.


  • Loading / Unloading /Transferring of Bitumen,Molasses

  • Vegetable Oils

  • Other viscous oils & Chemicals,Grease and tallow, Colour & Paints, Soaps,

  • Silicate of Soda , Starch, Glue, Honey, Chocolate, Glycerine, Acids

  • Ammonia, Asphalt, Alcohol, Boiler compounds, Bleach, Condiments

  • Cutting compounds, Cleansing compounds, Dairy products, Distillates

  • Hazardous liquids, Dyes, Extracts, Food products

  • Fruit Juices, Gasoline, Kerosene, Printers ink

  • spray mixtures, tomatoes , peas, corn and squash pulps, Vaseline, slurry waste, etc.

  • mixing plants, Bitumen sprayer, Road Paver Machine, Sugar Mills / Plants, Glue Plants
h series gear pump
5,000 Rs Onwords.
h series gear pump

Parts and Info

BODY IS.210 FG 220 C.I Grade
BACK COVER 15.210 FG 220 C.I Grade
GLAND IS.210 FG 220 C.I Grade
SEAL Neoprene oil seal/ Teflon sea/ Mechanical seal
Internal thread 1/2" to 3"

Technical info

KI.H-50 ½"x½" 20 5.3 1.2
KI.H-75 ¾"x¾" 30 7.92 1.8
KI.H-100 1"x1" 50 13.2 3.0
KI.H-125 1 ¼"x1 ¼" 75 19.8 4.5
KI.H-150 1 ½"x1 ½" 110 29.0 6.6
KI.H-200 2"x2" 225 59.4 13.5
KI.H-250 2 ½"x2 ½" 350 92.5 21.0
KI.H-300 3"x3" 500 131.6 30.0