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Top 3 Most Demanding Pumps Exported by Kirit Industries

Top 3 Most Demanding Pumps Exported by Kirit Industries


Transferring viscous liquids from one place to another can be trickier than you imagined due to their physical properties and composition. Unlike a solid object, you cannot depend on transportable machinery for the to and fro procedure. Also, viscous liquids do not easily flow like water, so one cannot use a water pipe for a quick transfer.

Viscous liquids are thick, heavy and paste or sludge-like, which require special, sturdy and robust pumps which can offer a convenient and hassle-free transfer. These are none other than K.I Signature viscous liquid transfer pumps. A viscous liquid transfer pump is not only efficient with abrasive fluids but is also leakage proof. They are specifically designed to carry slimy and gummy fluids.

There are a variety of viscous liquid transfer pumps available, but how does one select the idle one? Not to Worry! At Kirit Industries, you get a reliable solution for all your concerns related to pumps. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of India's top 3 most demanding pumps. Let us guide you through our best pumps. 

  1. Ship & Shore Mounted Marine Transfer Pumps: Also known as a Marine oil transfer pump, a ship and shore mounted marine transfer pump is an essential and crucial machinery which is mandatory to be on-boarded on every ship. Oil or fuel is vital for a ship to reach its destination. Transferring oil or any other viscous fluid is only possible with a pump, as pumps provide easy, quick and safe transfer from one point to another. These pumps create a vacuum that sucks fluid from one location and deposits it in another place without spillage or leakage. In the marine industry, a marine oil transfer pump is responsible for transferring fuel into and around a ship to power the engines. Buying from reliable and professional marine oil transfer pump manufacturers in India, like Kirit Industries, is crucial. A good transfer pump will ensure your ship sails through without shortage or hazardous event.

  2. Molasses Pump: Molasses is a viscous fluid that results from the processing or refining of sugarcane. It is the residue which is left behind, which is sticky, thick and, at times, pulpy. For such fluid to pass through easily from one location to another with clogging and slow transfer, we have molasses transfer gear pumps at Kirit Industries. Molasses gear pumps are also called rotary gear pumps, are they produce a constant amount of fluid upon each rotation. Molasses transfer gear pumps are simple yet rugged to handle high viscosity fluids, making them the best option for molasses. Molasses gear pumps effectively manage the flow rate of the liquids by ensuring a steady supply.
  3. Asphalt Sprayer Pump: An asphalt sprayer pump or machine is indispensable equipment for a construction site. If you want easy, quick, efficient and even distribution of asphalt on a road or a construction site, then an asphalt sprayer pump must be your go-to option. These pumps make the layering of hot asphalt hassle-free and regulated. Kirit Industries is a renowned and trusted asphalt sprayer pump manufacturer in India. Our asphalt sprayer pumps are robust and are ideal for high-viscous liquids to be carried around easily at any project site.

Quit Clogging and Slow Flow with Kirit Industries Best Viscous Liquid Transfer Pumps

No matter which industry your business belongs to, the efficiency of your work and operations must not be slowed down because of an inefficient and ill-quality pump. Switch to using Kirit Industries’ pumps to enjoy a seamless, speedy, continuous and spill-free transfer of any viscous liquid. Our best pumps are Marine oil transfer pumps, asphalt sprayer pump, molasses gear transfer pumps and Grease transfer pumps. Each of these pumps has been designed with the finest quality tools and premium materials that require low maintenance and no worries about replacement. Our products are the best and available at affordable prices. As viscous liquid transfer pump manufacturers, we guarantee only the best quality pumps for our clients.

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