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Since the founding of our business, Kirit Pump has been the top Bitumen Pump Manufacturer in India. We have been the most renowned and eminent producer and supplier of Bitumen Gear Pumps. High-quality raw materials are used in the production of the product. Bitumen Gear Pumps are produced by our knowledgeable employees using cutting-edge technology. The greatest level of quality assurance has been applied to each of these goods to guarantee 100% accuracy. In addition to this, our customers value the fact that we manufacture and export the highest-quality Bitumen Gear Pump. The pump is praised for other qualities as well, including its strong design, extended operational life, and high material strength.

Specially Designed for Bitumen Transfer in Road Plants, Easy to Replace, and Economical.

Working Principle of Rotary Gear Pump

We have established ourselves as India's most renowned and important Bitumen Pump Manufacturers in India. We provide bi-directional positive displacement rotary pumps, K.I truck transfer bitumen pumps, and K.I Gear Pump type side suction and bottom suction pumps in a variety of input and output sizes. The K.I Bitumen Transfer Pump offers a unique three-way port design for the piping system with the most flexibility. Bitumen Transfer Pumps with three ports are available from K.I. Bitumen Pumps are produced using highly imported machinery by our expert workers employing the most recent technology. To guarantee complete accuracy, each of these goods underwent the highest level of quality inspection.

As reputable Bitumen Pump Manufacturers in India, we offer Bitumen Pumps that are simple to replace and economical for bitumen transfer in road plants and bitumen producing plants.

Bitumen Gear Pump produced by Kirit Industries has a close-fitting, solid metal body, cover, and shaft, as well as a large hole milling, and cut spur gears. The tooth profiles on the pump's two apparatuses were carved with a special kind of cutter, and they have large depressions. With little effort, a small amount of high gooey fluid can be drawn. These equipment pumps are also available with jackets for handling a variety of fluids.

Bitumen Gear Pump Applications

We trade and sell a superior quality assortment of Bitumen Gear Pumps in India in order to satisfy the various wants of our customers. We are Bitumen Pumps Manufacturers in India producing a wide range of pumps catering to various industries such as chemical industries, sugar plants, heating, and air conditioning facilities, and cooling towers. At our vendor's state-of-the-art production facility, the bitumen pumps that we offer are made with premium materials and modern technology. Our skilled quality inspectors put these pumps through rigorous testing on a number of criteria.

Features of Bitumen Gear Pump:

1. Low pulsation results in low liquid emulsification.

2. These pumps are fully reversible and without a scrapper or spring.

3. High level of dependability and maintainability, allowing for maintenance using standard tools.

4. Cost-effective and low upkeep.

5. They have a high suction capability, making them perfectly suited to vacuum pans.

6. Installation and adjustment are quick and simple.