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Fuel Oil Pumps


K.I pumps from its vast experience and ability to custom design pumps to fit the application needs. We have been long time supplier of fuel oil pumps. Our specially designed pump is cost efficient and highly reliable for fuel oil is the USP for the most demanding pump in the market.

Fuel oil pumps come in various sizes and quality. They are designed in a way to transport fuel from the fuel tank to other motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, and bikes. Heavy duty fuel transfer pumps can efficiently be used to load diesel, petrol, and other different types of oils.

Kirit Industries is a fuel oil pumps manufacturer that designs and manufactures cost-effective and reliable heavy duty fuel transfer pump in India. Our guided experience and dynamic business help us to serve customers in industrial and commercial markets such as oil and gas refineries, pulp and paper industry, agricultural industry, and chemical industries.

What is a Heavy Duty Fuel Transfer Pump?

A fuel dispensing pump made up of motors, gears, and valves used to transfer fuel from one place to another place is called a heavy duty fuel transfer pump. There are a few valves attached to the pump to prevent any leakage and help in moving in the right direction.

Characteristics of a Fuel Transfer Pump

With hundreds of uses and applications, a fuel transfer pump has few characteristics that make it demandable in the industrial and commercial market. Here are some characteristics of a fuel transfer pump-

• Its compact and easy-to-use feature makes the transfer process easier.

• It is lightweight and can be taken from one place to another.

• It can be used to transfer chemicals, oils, petrol, and diesel from one location to another.

• It is easy to install and can be operated by a person easily.

Safety Measures

A fuel oil pumps manufacturer shall give proper information about the safety measures that need to be taken while operating the pump. Here are some of them:

1. If any kind of abnormal sound or smoke appears, the operation must be stopped to avoid any fire accident.

2. It is advisable to use a heavy duty transfer pump outdoors away from flammable things.

3. You must keep the oil temperature cool at all times to avoid any damage to the pump.

4. Avoid inhalation of fuel smell as it can be poisonous and dangerous for your health.

5. After using the pump, keep in mind to open the cover air out of the interior of the pump to avoid depreciation of the fuel oil pump.

6. After refueling, always clean up the area and dispose of the spilled fuel properly.

However, to buy premium quality oil pumps, contact Kirit Industries or visit our official website. We believe in and serve only premium quality, consistency and reliability.