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The Do and Do not of maintenance of Rotary Gear Pump

The Do and Do not of maintenance of Rotary Gear Pump


The Rotary Gear Pump made by Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturers in India is a type of positive displacement rotary gear pump which consists of a shaft with a helical rack that is mounted on the outer surface of the shaft. The gear teeth are fixed to the shaft and the pressure on the teeth is transmitted by a conical thrust bearing.

Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturers In India like Kirit Industries offer a wide range of products to meet the requirements of various industries. Kirit Industries have a variety of Rotary Gear Pumps. These pumps are ideal for pumping liquids, and slurries.

Do of maintenance of Rotary Gear Pump

  1. Before starting the unit, review the manufacturer's instructions for the engine and pump.
  2. Comply with all regulations on environmental, health, and safety issues.
  3. Before starting the engine, double-check that all the shields and guards are fastened and in position.
  4. Before starting, make sure the pump is secure, level, and level.
  5. Minimize suction lift and support all hoses and pipes as necessary.
  6. Keep air traps out of the suction and discharge lines, and ensure that the suction line is angled toward the pump.
  7. Check the fuel source, ensure there is enough fuel, and look for contamination.
  8. When utilised with wellpoint systems, position the unit as close as possible to the underdrain and in the middle of the header line.
  9. Use pipe compound, Teflon tape, or wellpoint clay as necessary to adequately tighten all suction connections.
  10. Only make use of sturdy hose gaskets and reinforced high-quality suction hose.
  11. Before starting and stopping the engine, make sure the transmission is disengaged.
  12. Only use good filter systems, such as well points, vacuum wells, socks, or underdrains, to pump Liquids.
  13. Maintain proper and effective operation of the wellpoint system or sock.
  14. Verify that the pump generates a constant flow in less than 10 minutes. Recheck all suction connections and prime the pump if no flow is generated (fill with liquid to be pumped).
  15. Ensure that the pump/gear box oil reservoir is properly topped off with 15/40 engine oil.
  16. Adhere to the manual's recommended maintenance regimen.
  17. When not in use for a lengthy period of time or during cold conditions, drain the pump, the tanks, and all hoses and piping. Rotate the pump's end while draining to get the most Liquid out.
  18. Let the pump cool before cutting off any hoses or draining them.

Do not of maintenance of Rotary Gear Pump

  1. Allow novice workers to use machinery only under supervision.
  2. Ignore environmental, health, and safety measures.
  3. Raise the pump while the discharge or suction hoses are connected.
  4. Try suction lifts of more than 50 feet.
  5. Let the pump run dry.
  6. Rotary wellpoint pump-equipped sump.
  7. Pump solids, such as rocks, wood chips, excessive sediment, etc. bigger than allowed sizes; stay away from caustic chemicals as well.
  8. Run the pump at an abnormally steep incline.
  9. Operate the engine outside of the advised operating speed range.
  10. Switch on or off the pump when the transmission is engaged or while moving quickly.
  11. Before adjusting your wellpoint system, adjust the vacuum relief pulp valve.
  12. To raise the vacuum, close the vacuum relief valve.


Kirit Industries is a Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturers in India. These pumps are often used in industries such as aviation, food processing, and manufacturing. These are a few things that can be done to maintain the pump and keep it running smoothly. We are sure you will keep these tips while maintaining a Rotary Gear Pump to make it run for longer and work better.Get in touch with the rotary gear pumps manufacturers with vast experience.