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An Overview About Best Quality Rotary Gear Pump And Its Applications

An Overview About Best Quality Rotary Gear Pump And Its Applications


What is a Rotary Gear Pump?

Kirit Industries, Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturer in India makes Rotary Gear Pump which is a high-quality and high-performance pump for High-Viscous and semi-Viscous demanding applications.

What are Rotary Gear Pump used for?

High-viscosity liquids and fluids are pumped using rotary gear pumps, which are extremely sophisticated industrial pumps. In the marketplace, rotary gear pumps are also known as gear pumps, lobe pumps, rotary twin gear pumps, and positive displacement pumps.

Best Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturers In India

Kirit Industries is a Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturers In India The most reputable industrial pumps in both India and the rest of the world are those made by. Due to recent government efforts like Make In India, the manufacturing industry in India is expanding significantly. The top three on the list are chemicals, food processing, and paper and pulp for a variety of reasons.

A Little About Rotary Gear Pump

The majority of hydraulic fluid power applications use rotary gear pumps. Our pump is a self-priming, multipurpose rotary gear pump with a left suction of 5 metres and double helical gears.

High viscosity fluids are typically pumped in chemical plants using a gear pump. Food industries can take advantage of our rotary gear pump to pump the soft drinks and many other liquids for desired results.

Working Principle Of Rotary Gear Pump

Positive displacement is the basis for the operation of the rotary gear pump, which pumps liquids. The pump features a curved-shaped housing with dual gear and crescent on it. The gear spins when the teeth start to mesh during the phase when the rotor gear starts to turn.

The term "positive displacement" refers to the movement of fluid caused by the space between the gears and their meshing action.

The pump is made to be simple to clean and maintain.

Important Characteristics Of Rotary Gear Pump:

1.    Excellent performance.
2.    Compact style.
3.    Simple to maintain
4.    Easy to clean.
5.    Low sound.
6.    Low-leakage route
7.    Non-corrosive.
8.    high speed.

For handling and transferring a variety of viscous liquids, such as soft drinks, syrups, dairy and food items, caustic chemicals, and much more, our rotary gear pump is most frequently used as a light-duty, all-purpose device. The market's most effective and economical pump is a rotary gear pump. We have sold our rotary gear pump in South Africa, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, India, and several other middle eastern nations.

Applications of Rotary Gear Pump:

1.    Personal care products including soap
2.    Solvents
3.    Lubricants and fluids
4.    Paper and pulp industry
5.    Highly viscous or semi-viscous liquids
6.    Chemical business
7.    Blending and mixing of chemicals


Our rotary gear pumps are employed in numerous additional applications. Kirit Industries is the market leader Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturers In India. The best products we produce are centrifugal pumps, air-cooled pumps, and slurry pumps. Please contact us by clicking here if you are seeking a rotary gear pump or any other industrial pump. We will get back to you with additional proposals for our pumps and further information.