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Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturer

Kirit Industries is a leading Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturer, this pump is a high-quality and high-performance pump for High-Viscous and Semi-Viscous demanding applications.

The K.I signature Series Rotary Gear Pumps are specially designed for High Viscous liquids. The Pump has close grain cast iron body, covers & large cavity gears. The pump consists of two gears having a large cavity and its tooth profiles are cut precisely by a special type cutter. Which can able to pump all types of high viscous liquid without any trouble. These gear pumps are also available with Jacketed features for handling Tar, Bitumen, Asphalts, Wax, Soaps, etc. liquids

Working Principle of Rotary Gear Pump

The positive displacement principle is used by External rotary gear pumps. K.I Signature pumps come with a 2-piece and 3-piece simple design. The pump has a precisely machined casing and two gears. The idler gear spins as the rotor gear turns, and the teeth start to align as a result. The fluid is drawn in and moved by the space between these gears and the action of the meshing.

What uses and fluids are Rotary Gear Pump appropriate for?

For High viscous fluids like fats, syrups, cocoa, and resins, Bitumen, Tar, LDO, Furnace Oil, Castor Oil, Vegetable Oils, Other viscous oils & Chemicals, Molasses, Color & Paints, Molasses, Soaps, Silicate of Soda, Starch, Glue, Honey, Chocolate, Glycerin, fats, syrups, cocoa, and resins, etc. at Hot mix plant, Tanker Loading/Unloading, Bitumen sprayer, Road Paver Machine, Sugar Mills / Plants, Glue Plants, Chemical & Textile Industries, etc. K.I Signature Rotary gear pumps are used in road truck tankers for loading and unloading Bitumen, tar, Molasses, Viscous oils, and other liquids directly through PTO drive with their engine. K.I signature rotating gear pump is often selected since the more viscous the product, the more effective the displacement component of the operating principle becomes. K.I Signature rotary gear pump is capable of handling fluids with a 2,50,000 SSU viscosity @ 10Kg/cm2.

Material Used for Manufacturing Rotary Gear Pump

The use of "K.I" items has been steadily rising each year, and this factor is to blame. The fact that a large portion of our business is made up of returning customers speaks volumes about how good this service has been. Many of these recurring orders come to us voluntarily from customers who have tried our product and are certain that they will complete the tasks for which it is advised.

Kirit Industries is the 1st company to introduce a Special three port design Road Tanker or Fighter Rotary Gear Pumps in India, which is easily mounted on Tanker, Truck, Tractor or any mobile vehicles and works with their drive engine PTO. The pumps are available in different sizes from 1 ½” to 3” having a capacity range up to 59.4 m3/h (59,400 LPH) with different mounting arrangements like Side Suction and side delivery, Bottom Suction and top delivery, side suction ad top delivery.

Why Choose Kirit Industries Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturers?

Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturers, Kirit Industries effectively serves their customer base by providing them with high-quality, reasonably priced Rotary Gear Pump Price. The leading producers and exporters of Rotary Gear Pumps are renowned for their dependable services and high-quality goods. In chemical facilities and wherever else High-viscous and semi Viscous-liquids are used, K.I rotary gear pumps are frequently used. Due to the pump's robust and flawless construction, superior suction quality, and deliberation capacity, it is in high demand. With distinctive characteristics and specific design features, the premium Rotary Gear Pump Price is kept competitive to suit the market expectations.

Contect with Kirit Industries for best and cost efficient pumps.


  • Loading / Unloading /Transferring of Bitumen,Molasses

  • Vegetable Oils

  • Other viscous oils & Chemicals,Grease and tallow, Colour & Paints, Soaps,

  • Silicate of Soda , Starch, Glue, Honey, Chocolate, Glycerine, Acids

  • Ammonia, Asphalt, Alcohol, Boiler compounds, Bleach, Condiments

  • Cutting compounds, Cleansing compounds, Dairy products, Distillates

  • Hazardous liquids, Dyes, Extracts, Food products

  • Fruit Juices, Gasoline, Kerosene, Printers ink

  • Spray mixtures, tomatoes , peas, corn and squash pulps, Vaseline, slurry waste, etc.


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