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Knife EDGE Gate Valve Manufacturer


“Kirit Industries” manufacturer supplier, exporter of pulp and knife edge gate valves since 1959 has built a remarkable reputation in the standard and custom-engineered valve. Our unique design features our customers to install in any as we give option to customize pcd. Our exhaustive testing, combined with an experienced and keen eye on all of these measures of quality control, makes us the leader in providing you with the right valve for the right job. Based upon our long-standing and diverse valve construction experience in pulp and paper industry, milling industry, oil and sand industry, KIRIT II PULP Valve can demonstrate a host of options and will customize the exact valve for your exact requirements. Our company history is built upon that strength. You can have confidence in what we say, our track record demonstrates our commitment to provide the most reliable and hardest working pulp valves. Your environment, your health and the safety of your employees and end users are always at the forefront of every quality check we enforce. Whether it’s a standard or custom-designed valve, KIRIT INDUSTRIES makes it, AND MAKES IT RIGHT.