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Diesel Transfer Pumps / Refuller Pumps


The diesel transfer pump has a high capacity and is robust and powerful. The heavy duty fuel transfer pump  is designed in a way to efficiently transfer large and sensitive volumes of liquids from one location to another. They are commonly used in commercial, agricultural, industrial, and other sectors for various fluid transfer needs.

Kirit Industries is a top manufacturer of 12v diesel transfer pump. The owners of Kirit Industries do not compromise on their quality and aim to provide premium quality products to their clients. The growing demand has allowed the owners of the company to keep diesel transfer pumps for sale at affordable prices. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients and grow our business on a large scale and bring in new clients from overseas.

Application of Heavy Duty Fuel Transfer Pump

Heavy duty fuel transfer pumps have numerous applications in various forms. Here are some common applications of diesel transfer pumps

1.Diesel transfer pumps can be used to fuel tractors, irrigation pumps, and agricultural equipment to maintain the productivity of farms and ensure the timely operations of all agricultural activities

2.The quick and efficient results given in using heavy duty fuel transfer pumps on a construction site to fuel generators and ensure a smooth supply of fuel for construction purposes.

3.It is mainly used in the transport field to refuel buses, trucks, and diesel-powered vehicles and make it convenient to transfer diesel from tanks to vehicle fuel tanks.

4.It has various industrial and mining applications such as it is used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and processing plants to refuel and maintain the operational efficiency of the equipment.

Benefits of using Heavy Duty Fuel Transfer Pump

1.The durability and reliability with which they are built enhance it to be used in harsh operating conditions.

2.The increased flow rate allows for faster refueling and adds a significant amount of fuel in less time.

3.It is suitable to transfer diesel and other various types of fuel like gasoline, kerosene, and many more.

4.The efficient and wide application in many industries, agriculture and construction sector has raised its demand.

5.The productivity and reduced downtime with high-pressure capability and less maintenance has made it different from others.