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Rotary Gear Pump

KIRIT INDUSTRIES was established by late Mr. Chhaganlal L. Patel in 1959. KIRIT INDUSTRIES is a market leader when it comes to the Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturer in India. Since, the commencement of business KIRIT INDUSTRIES pioneered in manufacturing wide range of rotary gear pump, H series gear pump, Automatic-oiling horizontal piston type pump and valves. Our business is growing vigorously around the globe as we delivering well-equipped machineries in global and commercial market.
Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturers in India


Rotary Gear Pump

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Continuing to Strive for Excellence!

Since its foundation,Kirit Industries are committed to offering the most premium quality industrial pumps to. We are not limited to the domestic market because of the highest quality of our products we are exporting our industrial pumps worldwide. We are registered with ISO to offer an independent assessment of our quality products. This certification confirms we value service, innovation, flexibility, and superior quality.

With a rise in demand for products, we are transforming ourselves and delivering and trying to match the expectations of our customers. With the emerging technology and innovative production, we look forward to expanding our business more to satisfy our customers' needs.

Rotary Gear Pump


We are Best Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturers in India

KIRIT INDUSTRIES has been established in 1959 by Mr. Chhaganlal L. Patel and has emerged as the top rotary gear pump manufacturer. Since 1959, we are offering a total pumping solution for various industries including the Ceramic Industries, Sugar And Food Industries, Automobile Industries, Paper Industries, Textile Industries, Machinery Manufactures, and many more.

We have state of an art manufacturing unit with all the required facilities hence, we are capable to cater the demands of customers worldwide. Since our establishment, we are offering high-quality products that meet all the international standards.




rotary gear pump manufacturers


This factor is responsible for the steady increase, year by year, in the use of "K.I" products. How satisfactory this service has been evidenced by the fact that great a share of our business comes from repeat orders. Many of these repeat orders come to us unsolicited, from users who have given our product a trial and have convinced themselves that they will do the work for which they are recommended.