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Manufacturing of: RG Pumps, Pulp Valve, Automatic Oiling Piston Type Pump & 4 Way Valve


Rotary Gear (RG) Pump Manufacturers


This factor is responsible for the steady increase, year by year, in the use of "K.I" Rotary Gear (RG) Pump products manufacturers & suppliers in India. How satisfactory this service has been is evidenced by the fact that great a share of our business comes from repeat orders. Many of these repeat orders come to us unsolicited, from users who have given our product a trial and have convinced themselves that they will do the work for which they are recommended.

The "K.I" RG Pumps are specially design for High/low Viscous liquids. The Pump has close grain cast iron body, covers & large cavity gears and MS shaft. The pump consist two gears having large cavity and its tooth profiles cut precisely, Which can pump all types of high viscous liquid without any trouble. These gear pumps can easily handle Tar, Bitumen, Asphalts, Wax, Soaps, etc. liquids.

The "K.I" Rotary gear pump also known as fighter, fighter Rotary Gear Pumps are available with us for loading/ unloading/ transferring, which is easily mounted on Tanker, Truck, Tractor or any mobile vehicles and work with their drive engine (P.T.O.) The pumps are available with different size from 1½” to 3” with different mounting arrangements like Side Suction with Pulley, Bottom Suction with pulley, loose and fast pulley.


  • Loading / Unloading /Transferring of Bitumen,Molasses

  • Vegetable Oils

  • Other viscous oils & Chemicals,Grease and tallow, Colour & Paints, Soaps,

  • Silicate of Soda , Starch, Glue, Honey, Chocolate, Glycerine, Acids

  • Ammonia, Asphalt, Alcohol, Boiler compounds, Bleach, Condiments

  • Cutting compounds, Cleansing compounds, Dairy products, Distillates

  • Hazardous liquids, Dyes, Extracts, Food products

  • Fruit Juices, Gasoline, Kerosene, Printers ink

  • spray mixtures, tomatoes , peas, corn and squash pulps, Vaseline, slurry waste, etc.

  • mixing plants, Bitumen sprayer, Road Paver Machine, Sugar Mills / Plants, Glue Plants
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5,000 Rs Onwords.
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